Differentiate Your Printer Proposal With Cost Per Page

“Can you recommend a printer that’s not quite as expensive?”

How often have you heard that from price sensitive customers? Too often buyers make the mistake of only considering upfront acquisition costs. The true costs of printing lies in buying ink and toner for the life of the machine. When customers don’t understand their cost per page, and go for the cheaper machine, they’re probably wasting money in the long run.

This is an opportunity for you to bring valuable insights to your next printer deal. Even if you’re NOT selling a managed print contract, your customer will thank you for going the extra mile to save them money.

Next time you come across the upfront costs focused customer ask these 3 questions:

  • What is your average monthly page volume? Your customer may not keep track of this information. Ask them to estimate by machine how many pages are printed each month.
  • What is the breakdown between black & white and color pages? Obviously color ink/toner is more expensive.
  • Which models are you considering? Lets get a full understanding of the competitive landscape.

When you have answers to these 3 simple questions you can build out a Total Cost of Ownership model. The HP Business Development at SYNNEX has tools to help you with cost per page. Armed with this information, you’re proposal will be a notch above the rest. Below is a TCO model I put together for a reseller partner this morning comparing a Dell MFP to the HP Officejet Pro X 576dw:




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5 Ways to Drive IPG Sales This Fed Season

We Want You

I don’t know about you but all this preparation for Federal Buying season has me feeling downright patriotic. USA! USA!

To make Federal Season a success for your company, we listed the top 5 HP programs designed to help you drive more IPG sales.

  • Fed Flip: No need to flip out when your federal customers ask for non-HP manufacturers. If you’re working on a bid that specifies another manufacturer (Ex. “Lexmark or equivalent”), we would love to help you “Flip” the deal to HP. All you have to do is send SYNNEX an electronic version of the bid to receive pre-approved, upfront discounts. 
  • Big Bang (Federal Target): The Big Bang is not just a theory anymore. Its a program that rewards partners with exclusive discounts for growing HP share with federal customers. The list of “40 Opportunities” (eligible Federal customers) is not made public. If you want to know if your prospective customer is on the list please work with the HP Federal Sales team (we can get you in touch).
  • Acceleration Big Deal: The accelerator on your car gets you where you’re going faster – HP’s Acceleration program gets you a PO faster! The eligible list includes of over 50 popular IPG SKUs – register the deal to receive a set 43% discount. Acceleration Big Deal is available to any end user opportunity that meets the $10k minimum (based on list price)
  • 75% Off Demo Program: There is a big difference between reading speeds and feeds on a website and having that machine crank out a few thousands pages in your office. Have your customers kick the tires for a fraction the cost of the machine! There are about 30 eligible laserjet, officejet and scanjet SKUS.
  • $150 Demo Spiff: For the 40 Federal customers on the Big Bang Target list (not published), place demo units and receive up to $150 in Blue Carpet Spiffs. $50 for each product category placed (Laserjet, Officejet, Scanjet). Get paid for helping your customers try out HP’s innovative lineup.

For more information on these programs or for other insights on ramping your Federal sales call your SYNNEX HP Business Development Team:

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How to Use My HP Sales Guide (and Why eIRG Went Away)

You have a tool you love. Its the first program you load every morning when you boot up your computer. You know how to quickly find what you’re looking for – the content is in a aesthetically pleasing, easy to use format. Life is good.

But suddenly that tool is replaced by a clunky, less robust resource. Say it aint so!!!

That is the reaction hundreds of partners had when HP announced the eIRG would be replaced by My HP Sales Guide. Now that we are a month in to the transition its time to learn how to use the new tool to find the right HP printer and supplies product information.

Partners tell me the top 3 uses of eIRG are: 1)Replacement Path: what replaces and EOL Printer 2)Comparisons: how do specs on two models match up? 3)Supplies Compatibility: which toner SKU is right?

Below is guide on how to do each of those functions. Register at http://www.MyHPSalesGuide.com and follow along.

Replacement Path

From the home screen click on the “Products” tile. In the product page search for the EOL printer. For this example I used the 9050dn

Replace 3


When you get your results notice it says “Discontinued” as the status. Click on the product name

Replace 4

Directly under the header there is a link for “View Replacement Products”

Replace 5

We see the 9050dn has been replaced by the 806dn

Replace 6



From the My Sales Guide home screen click on the “Help Me Choose” tile. 

Compare 1

Click the “Compare” box next to two or more printers. You can narrow down the list of printers by using the “Printing Needs” drop down menu. EX: “B&W only”


Compare 2

Click the Compare button to show specs side by side.  Unfortunately (as far as I know) there is no way now to create a PDF of a comparison page. 

compare 3



Enter the part of SKU into the search tile from the home page

Supplies 1

Click the supplies tab on the product page

Supplies 2

Select the right toner or ink part. To learn about toner and ink yield click on the product

Supplies 3

The team managing My Sales Guide has an exciting vision for where the tool is headed. One of the biggest differences between eIRG and My Sales Guide is the inclusion of both IPG (printers) and PSG (personal systems) products. This will help partners cross-sell the entire PPS (printing and personal systems) portfolio. HP’s is moving to My Sales Guide to help partners find all sales materials in one place, push the entire PPS portfolio, and have an easy to access web based tool. Come back to the tool often because more updates and functionality will be coming in the next few months.

For a guided tour of My Sales Guide work  with your SYNNEX HP PPS Business Development Team:


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