Differentiate Your Printer Proposal With Cost Per Page

“Can you recommend a printer that’s not quite as expensive?”

How often have you heard that from price sensitive customers? Too often buyers make the mistake of only considering upfront acquisition costs. The true costs of printing lies in buying ink and toner for the life of the machine. When customers don’t understand their cost per page, and go for the cheaper machine, they’re probably wasting money in the long run.

This is an opportunity for you to bring valuable insights to your next printer deal. Even if you’re NOT selling a managed print contract, your customer will thank you for going the extra mile to save them money.

Next time you come across the upfront costs focused customer ask these 3 questions:

  • What is your average monthly page volume? Your customer may not keep track of this information. Ask them to estimate by machine how many pages are printed each month.
  • What is the breakdown between black & white and color pages? Obviously color ink/toner is more expensive.
  • Which models are you considering? Lets get a full understanding of the competitive landscape.

When you have answers to these 3 simple questions you can build out a Total Cost of Ownership model. The HP Business Development at SYNNEX has tools to help you with cost per page. Armed with this information, you’re proposal will be a notch above the rest. Below is a TCO model I put together for a reseller partner this morning comparing a Dell MFP to the HP Officejet Pro X 576dw:




SYNNEX HP Business Development, Printer and Supplies:

Jennings Tinsley: 864-349-4784

Liz Kinney: 864-373-7378


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