3 Reasons Why you Should Sell Care Packs (hint: one of em is margin)

Broken Printer

There is nothing worse than a broken printer, right? Well… There is one thing worse. You’re customer calling about a broken printer that is out of warranty.

Customers expect their new HP printer to last 3-5 years. Don’t leave them high and dry after the standard 1 year warranty expires.

Here is a question to ask your customer: “The price of the carepack is (for this example part # U5X82E) $59 per year. If your printer goes down after warranty, what do you think it will cost to get it fixed or replaced?” ( the answer: A whole lot more than $59)

A few points about care packs to bring up on your next sales call:

  • End Users who let support lapse after the warranty or care pack expire are no longer eligible to receive software or firmware updates. Aging devices need updates the most.                                                                  Old Man
  • Service renewals at the end of a care pack  or warranty are easy to overlook which leaves equipment subject to time and material charges in the event of an incident. Kinda like getting in a wreck right after your Auto insurance expired.                                                          car wreck

The whole “peace of mind” cliche makes me think of some cheesy Glen Gary Glen Ross style salesman. But the truth is your customer will thank you when something eventually happens and they are taken care of thanks to the care pack.

The benefits of attaching a care pack to every HP printer you sell are:

  1. Peace of Mind – you know your customer is covered
  2. Margin – on average resellers are making 9 points of margin on the care packs they sell. This is even greater when you have a rebate or upfront discount on the care pack. Below is a list of current rebates.
  3. Customer Engagement – When you buy a care pack from SYNNEX it is automatically registered (for free) by our RENEWsolv team. When the care pack is 90 days from expiring, you will be notified by RENEWsolv. This is a great chance for you to re-engage the customer and say “Hey I sold you this printer 3 years ago. Here are some options on upgrading” Customers who purchase hardware only (basic warranty) are 60% likely to repurchase hardware from you. Customers who purchase care packs are 80% likely to repurchase hardware from you.

If you dont know the right care pack for the right printer My HP Sales Guide has a full listing of options for each device.

For a list of the current instant rebate on care packs you can download the Q4 list here: Care Pack Rebate Report

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3 Ways to Make More Margin


In June I had the pleasure of attending a Varnex regional event in Chicago. Partners from Iowa to Ohio showed up to learn how new technology trends will impact the customers they serve. The highlight of the two day reseller event (besides the Cubs game) was the 90 Minute session with Mark S. A. Smith from Outsource Channel Executives. Heads were nodding in agreement during Mark’s unique and provocative presentation titled “Who Wants More Margin?”

Mark led with the “Ten Commandments of More Margin”. I will share just 3 of the universal truths that should become sales mantras for every VAR:

1. Stop Selling Products, Start Selling Outcomes: How often do you get emails from your customer saying something to the effect of “I need to your best price on 20 widgets”. STOP QUOTING PRODUCTS. Where can customers go to find products and prices? Just about anywhere on the internet! Don’t commoditize yourself. Move from the tactical level up to the strategic decision maker level. Why does the customer need this product? What are the desired outcomes? How are you as a VAR uniquely positioned to deliver the desired outcome? Sell the outcome and make more margin.

2. Every Deal Is Either Profitable or Strategic: This rule is closely related to the first commandment. Will selling this product at no margin lead to a much larger profitable deal? If not it may be time to walk away. Spending your time on unprofitable business is sapping your resources.

3. Know What Motivates EVERY Buyer, Especially Executives:  Believe it or not, price isn’t the most important thing to every buyer. Different people in an organization have different motivations and incentives. Preparing a value proposition that satisfies the CFO, CIO, CEO and procurement team will lead to more sales. Get to know what motivates each buyer.

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Oppurtunity Checklist

Customer Hesitant to Try “Ink in the Office”?… 1 Marketing Idea to Prove the Value Prop

skeptical person

“Ink for business printing?? I think I’ll stick with laser”

Is this the response you get from customers when you talk about inkjet printers in an office environment?

We can’t blame our customers for wanting to avoid risk by sticking with a proven business printing technology. There are 3 main pre-conceived notions about Ink that make our customers hesitant to try products like HP’s Officejet Pro X series (1. Ink is too expensive 2. the print quality is poor 3. inkjet isn’t a workhorse)

For small work-groups, Ink in the Office will usually save your customer money. Its our job as a trusted adviser to help customers determine if the Officejet Pro X would be the BEST fit for their next printer upgrade.

A reseller partner with years of experience supporting new product launches shared a brilliant marketing idea with me recently. As an HP navigator, she has seen programs and products come and go, fail and succeed: “When we are talking about a customer switching from laser to ink its crucial to get something in their hands that allows them to come to their own conclusions that ink is the right move”.

This idea is perfect if you have some MDF and want a creative, new approach to:

  • Proving the value of ink in the office
  • Overcoming the 3 main objections
  • Generating demand

STEP 1: Create a short video

This is a great interactive way to get your face in front of customers and demonstrate the value of ink in the office. I linked to a well produced short demonstration to use as a template. It hits on the value prop of “twice the speed of laser at half the cost” – your video should have a call to action at the end “for a live demo of the Officejet Pro X call ABC Solutions at ….) Use your Officejet Pro X demo unit to create the demo video. Call SYNNEX if you need a demo unit.

STEP 2: Print Samples

Since print quality is a common objection, sending your customers print samples proves the quality is just as good as laser. In fact, asking your customer to compare the quality of laser vs. ink and come to their own conclusions may work best. Use high quality paper and print 4 pages (2 printed on laser, 2 printed on ink)

Page 1: “2 of these pages were printed on Inkjet…” (typical business report/graph below) 

Page 2: “2 of these pages were printed on laser…” ( the SAME typical business report/graph below) 

Page 3: “Can you tell the difference?” (Maybe a team photo of your company shrugging like you are confused)

Page 4: Officejet Pro X: Twice the speed of laser at half the cost WITHOUT compromising print quality. Decide for yourself if Officejet Pro X is right for your business by watching this short video: (URL TO THE VIDEO HERE)

STEP 3:  Mail the Print Samples

Its important to follow up within a week of your customer receiving the print sample. Be prepared to answer questions about the technology and move to the next step with interested customers.

HP has a 90 day money back guarantee to lower the the risk of your customer buying and trying: MBG Program – From Partners to Customers no Logo and Rep info 

For more ideas on how to drive demand for Ink in the Office call your SYNNEX HP Business Development Team:

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