Customer Hesitant to Try “Ink in the Office”?… 1 Marketing Idea to Prove the Value Prop

skeptical person

“Ink for business printing?? I think I’ll stick with laser”

Is this the response you get from customers when you talk about inkjet printers in an office environment?

We can’t blame our customers for wanting to avoid risk by sticking with a proven business printing technology. There are 3 main pre-conceived notions about Ink that make our customers hesitant to try products like HP’s Officejet Pro X series (1. Ink is too expensive 2. the print quality is poor 3. inkjet isn’t a workhorse)

For small work-groups, Ink in the Office will usually save your customer money. Its our job as a trusted adviser to help customers determine if the Officejet Pro X would be the BEST fit for their next printer upgrade.

A reseller partner with years of experience supporting new product launches shared a brilliant marketing idea with me recently. As an HP navigator, she has seen programs and products come and go, fail and succeed: “When we are talking about a customer switching from laser to ink its crucial to get something in their hands that allows them to come to their own conclusions that ink is the right move”.

This idea is perfect if you have some MDF and want a creative, new approach to:

  • Proving the value of ink in the office
  • Overcoming the 3 main objections
  • Generating demand

STEP 1: Create a short video

This is a great interactive way to get your face in front of customers and demonstrate the value of ink in the office. I linked to a well produced short demonstration to use as a template. It hits on the value prop of “twice the speed of laser at half the cost” – your video should have a call to action at the end “for a live demo of the Officejet Pro X call ABC Solutions at ….) Use your Officejet Pro X demo unit to create the demo video. Call SYNNEX if you need a demo unit.

STEP 2: Print Samples

Since print quality is a common objection, sending your customers print samples proves the quality is just as good as laser. In fact, asking your customer to compare the quality of laser vs. ink and come to their own conclusions may work best. Use high quality paper and print 4 pages (2 printed on laser, 2 printed on ink)

Page 1: “2 of these pages were printed on Inkjet…” (typical business report/graph below) 

Page 2: “2 of these pages were printed on laser…” ( the SAME typical business report/graph below) 

Page 3: “Can you tell the difference?” (Maybe a team photo of your company shrugging like you are confused)

Page 4: Officejet Pro X: Twice the speed of laser at half the cost WITHOUT compromising print quality. Decide for yourself if Officejet Pro X is right for your business by watching this short video: (URL TO THE VIDEO HERE)

STEP 3:  Mail the Print Samples

Its important to follow up within a week of your customer receiving the print sample. Be prepared to answer questions about the technology and move to the next step with interested customers.

HP has a 90 day money back guarantee to lower the the risk of your customer buying and trying: MBG Program – From Partners to Customers no Logo and Rep info 

For more ideas on how to drive demand for Ink in the Office call your SYNNEX HP Business Development Team:

Jennings Tinsley / 864-349-4784

Liz Kinney / 864-373-7378

Connect on LinkedIn:





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