Guide to Selling “HP Ink in the Office”: Tech, Marketing, Promos, Spiffs

If you’re an HP reseller partner (and you have a pulse) you’ve heard of “Ink in the Office”. Being at the frontlines I can tell you this innovative new technology is gaining traction in the marketplace – half the costs of laser is certainly a compelling message. I talk to resellers everyday who tell me HP’s Officejet Pro X/ Enterprise X line-up are likely of disrupt the laser printer market in the near future. Getting on board with “ink in the office” is crucial for printer focused resellers. 

The two questions you may have right now are 1. “How do I sell this?” 2. “How do I make this a profitable part of my business?”

Below is short guide to ramping up your “ink in the office sales”. I’ll cover everything you need to be success including:

  • Technology – What is “ink in the office” and why is it different?
  • Marketing – How can I generate demand with my customers?
  • Programs & Promos – Which promotions can I use win deals?
  • Spiffs – After I’ve sold “ink in the office” which spiffs can I claim?



When you think of inkjet printers the following may come to mind: 1. Poor Print Quality 2. Expensive Consumables 3. Not a Workhorse. When you mention ink to your customers you may hear these objections based on their  pre-conceieved notions of “inkjet”. HP’s recent innovations in inkjet technology have led to excellent print quality machines that are on par with laser. Here is what you need to know:

  • PageWide Array: A key innovation with officejet pro x / enterprise x is the fixed printhead. The printhead is immobile and covers the width of the page (hence PageWide Array). Because the page passes under the printhead we are seeing incredibly fast print speeds (up to 72 pages per minutes – fastest desktop printer in the world)
  • Pigment Based Ink: The old Dye based ink was known to smear. Not so with the HP’s new pigment based ink – delivered through 42,240 nozzles, this ink achieves crisp colors, dries fast and doesn’t smear.
  • Workhorse – Monthly Page Volumes up to 6000 can be run through these machines with no trouble. The engine is more comparable to that of a laser printer.
  • Cost Per Page – The mantra around officejet pro x is “Half the cost of laser” – Your customer will spend less on consumables with HP’s pagewide array products. Check out this cost per page model I put together with Officejet pro x going head to head against a similar laser product:
  •  TCO
  • For a deeper dive check out this whitepaper: Ink In The Office Whitepaper
  • Here are data sheets for the single function and multi-function versions of the Officejet Pro X: OJPX Single Function Data Sheet  , OJPX MFP Data Sheet
  • Check out My Sales Guide for more: CLICK HERE


Generate demand with these customizable flyers and offerings you can send to your customers. The Buy 1 Get 1 offerings have been very popular and run through the end of October 2014:


You can earn spiffs for each unit sold. Even with buy 1 get 1 you get spiffs for each unit that leaves our warehouse. Here are the current (very good) Blue Carpet Spiffs for Officejet Pro X and Enterprise X. These all go through the end of October 2014:

Blue carpet Spiffs

For more information and pricing on SYNNEX’s buy 1 get 1 offerings, please call our HP Business Development Team:

Jennings Tinsley: 864-349-4784

Liz Kinney: 864-373-7378