How PartnerOne Changes Will Impact Printer/Supplies Partners


Well its not just the leaves changing this fall. The end of HP’s fiscal year (Oct. 31) brings with it announcements about how channel programs will change. Our job at SYNNEX is to comprehend and interpret these changes so you will know how your business is impacted. In addition to the expected PartnerOne changes, HP announced over the weekend that it will be splitting its PPS and EG business units into separate companies. The Imaging and Printing Group will be included in HP Inc. under the direction of Dion Weisler: CLICK HERE

When it rains it pours right!!

Below I highlighted the most important changes for print partners. If you want to watch a replay of the 1 hour webinar, the link can be found here: CLICK HERE

SELLING ADVANTAGE IS GOING AWAY: This supplies rebate program will be replaced by a “Supplies Track” within HP PartnerOne. Beginning with Silver supplies partners ($250k in the trailing 12 months) you will receive base compensation rebates quarterly. This means you will be paid rebates from dollar one without having to meet goals. There is a quarterly Accelerator goal for Silver and Gold partners that will operate very similar to Selling Advantage. HP is introducing new incentives based on toner marketshare and something they are calling “Behavior Benefit”. Basically this means you are selling HP OEM supplies on your website and NOT reman.

TARGET REBATES WILL BE FOR THE BUSINESS UNIT LEVEL: The current target rebates expire on Oct. 31. The new target list will be published in early November to include both commercial and public sector accounts. When you download the list from Partner Portal you will notice individual end user target accounts will be designated for either IPG, PSG, or both. In the past a Target account was eligible for all PPS. Be sure to download the list and register the customers you want to target in 2015 – this rebate is exclusive to one partner only.

NBO WILL INCLUDE PRODUCT LINE 8A: This is great news because PL 8A (the 400 series) includes some of our top selling mono single function printers. Don’t forget to register for NBOs early and often in the sales cycle because this exclusive rebate can help you win.

For more on how ParterOne changes will impact your business call SYNNEX’s HP Business Development team:

Jennings Tinsley: 864-349-4784

Liz Kinney: 864-373-7378


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