Asking the Right Questions


It can be intimidating to ask your customers about their printer needs if you don’t know the right questions to ask.

Check out SYNNEX’s recently updated “Printer Opportunity Checklist”. When you are armed with these questions, you will have to confidence to say “tell me about your printing needs” on your next sales call.

You can download the checklist by clicking this link: Printer Opportunity Checklist From SYNNEX


Are you Wynning? Varnex 2014 Review


The Varnex Fall conference was, without a doubt, one of the top tech events I attended this year. This SYNNEX sponsored bi-annual conference wrapped up yesterday in Las Vegas after 3 days of “what’s next” from vendors like HP, Lenovo, Dell and Microsoft. The channel partners in attendance came away with real, practical strategies and tactics for how to grow their business in 2015. I met with partners of all sizes from all over the US (and a few from Canada) – what amazed me is the level of confidence among Varnex members that they can continue to drive growth. And the proof is in the pudding – members of our Varnex community grow faster than non-Varnex members!

Here are some of the highlights for me:

HP Splitup: Christoph Schell from HP delivered a keynote speech Monday that touched on HP’s split and recent 3D printer announcement.


HP sent shockwaves through the channel last month when they announced the PC/Print and Enterprise divisions would be parting ways. The two companies will be operated as independent publicly traded companies – there will be deep collaboration between HP Inc. (printers and computers) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (servers, storage, networking, software). Schell described it as “moving to a two car garage” – a reference to HP’s founding in a silicon valley garage. Though it’s unclear exactly how the new companies will be structured, Schell described a more agile company that will speed up innovation and expand opportunities for channel partners. No matter what happens between now and the official split date of Nov 1 2015, you are in good hands with SYNNEX.


3D Print: The term “blended reality” figured prominently into Schell’s new product overview. HP’s goal is to blend the digital and physical world with products like the recently announced Sprout Computer and Multijet Fusion 3D printer. See HP’s official blended reality site here: CLICK HERE .

3d printer

According to Schell, HP’s new 3D printer will “dramatically change where and how products are manufactured”. The example he gave was auto parts retailer Pep Boys – the supply chain issues involved in getting car bumpers are immense. Shipping costs of aftermarket bumper parts and maintaining inventory levels for countless bumper types present a challenge. Schell described a world where Pep Boys stores would have a 3D printing device at or near store locations. Bumpers would be printed on demand when the customer need arrives. Obviously the opportunity for channel partners is huge – selling, installing and servicing the hardware plus the monthly consumables.


I am very bullish on the market opportunity for SYNNEX partners in HP 3D print. It will be interesting to see how the go to market shapes up for these innovative new products.

Coach Bill Cowher: One of the coolest parts about Varnex conferences is hearing perspectives outside the tech industry.

Cowher Varnex

Super Bowl winning coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Cowher shared several stories from his long career about winning, losing and the importance of perspective. The Q and A session gave Varnex members a chance to get Bill’s take on this week’s games, the concussion issue facing the NFL, and the hilarious photo stuffing incident

I was lucky enough to get a quick conversation with Coach Cowher. Now doesn’t that make you want to join Varnex!!

Jennings Tinsley

HP Business Development – SYNNEX Corporation


New Partner Promos for HP Officejet


Thanksgiving 2

Its the season to be thankful for a cornucopia of new HP programs. Especially the $200 per unit spiff on the Enterprise X!!

This post gives you an overview of the new “Ink in the Office” promotions and programs that were launched Nov. 1 2014. Everything listed below should look familiar because it includes continuations of programs that were successful in the past. 

These new inkjet programs are designed to help you drive more inkjet sales and make Officejet Pro X / Enterprise X a profitable part of your business.


MARGIN ENHANCEMENT: Earn a backend rebate of up to 7.5% on every Officejet Pro X and Enterprise X device sold from Nov 1 through April 30th. Program document here: Officejet X Margin Enhancement Program 1H15 external doc

BUY ONE GET ONE: This promo for Officejet Pro X has been very popular. For a BOGO quote use the SYNNEX “kit skus” listed on this flyer Nov Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo_Officejet Pro X . For customizable marketing resources click the following links: EMAIL TEMPLATE  ,  POSTCARD TEMPLATE  ,  TELEMARKETING SCRIPT

BUY TWO GET ONE (ENT X) : The enterprise version is 3 units for the price of 2 Nov Buy 2 Get 1 Free Promo_Officejet Enterprise X

SPIFFS: $50 per unit spiff for Officejet Pro X / $200 per unit spiff for Enterprise X. This is valid during HP’s Q1  (Nov 1 – Jan 31). Spiffs on products solid are claimed through HP’s Blue Carpet Website. Ask SYNNEX about our weekly HP Spiff report – a complete list of spiffs earned.

DEMO PROMO: All partners are eligible to purchase Pro X or Ent X demo units at 75% off. Call SYNNEX HP Business development to see if you are eligible for the upfront discount or backend.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Officejet Pro X products have a no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee. This is an excellent promotion for end users who are hesitant to try ink in the office. Read the terms and conditions here: OJPX MBG TCs

ALANA THORNTON: SYNNEX now has a dedicated resource for HP Officejet. Alana is here to help you use the programs above – As the inkjet navigator, Alana can provide training for your team, help you establish marketing strategies for inkjet, and ensure your making margin.



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