Are Your Customer’s Printer Fleets Secure?

printer burglar

The recent Sony hack may have gotten your customers asking “Are my printers and documents at risk of a data breach?”. In reality most IT departments overlook security when it comes to printer fleets. The bad guys know this are are increasingly targeting printers as a way in the door. According to Quocirca “90% of enterprises say they have suffered at least one data loss through unsecured printing”

This where you the trusted adviser comes to the rescue.

cop at printer

In an interview with The VAR Guy Shauntae Houff from HP Security expands on printer security risks “We’re seeing that the printing infrastructure is often overlooked when it comes to security strategy or risk mitigation strategy. Not all of these threats are malicious. A lot of them are actually coming from internal people or processes that are accidental breaches within the organization, and that exposure of data. So it’s important to put solutions in place to make sure to help your employees and processes to remain secure.”

Read more about HP’s new best-in-class print security offerings CLICK HERE, then come ready to talk security in your next meeting:

“How much of your print volume would be considered confidential?”

“What would be the costs of that data getting in the wrong hands?”

“Is securing your printer fleet a priority?”

For more on HP’s Printer Security Solutions call SYNNEX’s HP Business Development Team:

Jennings Tinsley – 864-349-4784 –

Liz Kinney – 864-373-7378 –



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