Do You Have Too Many Resolutions?


The champagne bottles are empty and 2015 is finally here. Most salespeople take some time at the beginning of the year to reflect on what they accomplished over the past 12 months and set some goals for the new year. It can be tempting to take on too many new year’s resolutions “I’m gonna run a marathon, learn Mandarin Chinese, read 50 books, volunteer every week, give up chocolate, grow sales by 200%, and if I have time finally write my screen-play”

It’s no wonder we settle back into our old habits by February!

Instead of day-dreaming resolutions, this year think of 3 very specific, attainable goals. If you can measure your progress against the goal you have a much better chance of following through. Hand write it on a piece of paper and place it in a conspicuous place.

I am trying this method. We will see in 12 months if it works!!

If your goal is to win more competitive deals and make more margin selling HP printers and supplies then give me a call this January. Also check out a previous post I wrote on 3 Ways To Make More Margin: CLICK HERE

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Jennings Tinsley

SYNNEX HP Business Development



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