How will PageWide XL Impact the Large Format Channel?

by Anna Wrice


I don’t know about you, but the PageWide XL product launch comes up in every conversation I’ve had recently about large format printing. HP has created overwhelming buzz and anticipation in the channel for “the fastest large-format production printer”. But the big question remains:

How will PageWide XL actually perform?

I had the opportunity to see the new PageWide XL line in action at HP offices in Alpharetta, GA. I was completely taken aback by the print speeds compared to legacy devices. The designs/outputs were flawless, without a single smudge. No jams, just quality prints that were ready in a minute. Yes, a minute! That is twice as fast as competitive LED products in the market today.

Only time will tell if the PageWide XL portfolio will live up to the chatter, but I can tell you this: HP has projected a solution that will force a new level of innovation on the production-printing market. My money is on this technological giant delivering us a star.

pagewide xl

Two ways I believe PageWide XL will impact your business:

  • GROWTH in Established Markets: (Who says you can’t get all the business?) HP is targeting print studios, architects, engineers, reproduction houses, and technical teams with these speedy large format devices. This is not your average monochrome machine! The pigmented inks allow your architect and engineer customers to print those sharp lines and smooth grayscales they desire, but also provides your graphic customers with the dark blacks and vivid colors they need.
  • Saving your Customer’s Time: (Because aren’t we always running out of it?) PageWide gives you the highest productivity from start to finish. HP’s SmartStream software will cut your job prep by 50%, the embedded Adobe PDF Print Engine 3 will process your complex jobs faster and the print speeds…

PageWide Print Speeds


SYNNEX has been chosen as a distributor of HP’s PageWide XL – For more information please contact me, Anna Wrice, at 864-349-4002 or drop me a line at


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