5 Things to Know to Survive the HP Separation

by Liz Kinney

I’m sure many of you have heard that HP is splitting into two completely separate companies on November 1. If you’re wondering whether or not your company will be affected, let me clarify: you will and your initial reaction might be something like this:

Liz Blog

But, don’t worry! SYNNEX has you covered with 5 simple things you should know to help avoid stress during “separation season.”

  1. HP Location ID– Remember when you finally remembered your Location ID? Well get ready for a new one! On August 1, all partners were assigned new location IDs. Partners will keep their existing Id for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and receive a NEW LOCATION ID for HP, Inc. SYNNEX has received the new partner HP, Inc. location IDs. You can call your HP Business Development Team for yours, or refer to the Partner Portal for your new Location ID. It will be visible through a “widget” which pulls up and shows you your unique ID.
  1. New domain for the HP Unison Partner Portal
  • Let it be known that starting November 1, 2015, HP will have two separate portal URLs. The bright side? You can use the same login for both!
  • The portal for HP, Inc. will stay the same: partner.hp.com. The NEW PORTAL for Hewlett Packard Enterprise is going to be partner.hpe.com- it’s all about the ‘e.’
  • Be sure to click the proper path when accessing deal registration and other information on Partner Portal:

new portal

  1. LEARN THE LINGO HP, Inc. (commonly referred to as “Inc-ers” around our office) Refers to all things printing and personal systems-related.
    1. Printers
    2. Ink/toner
    3. Workstations
    4. Notebooks
    5. Laptops
    6. Desktops, etc

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a completely different publicly traded company that encompasses the following product lines:

  1. Servers
  2. Storage
  3. Networking
  4. Software and
  5. Services
  1. Deal registration changes
    1. Big Deal/ SmartQuote IDsNO CHANGE TO BIG DEAL NUMBERS (have mercy- they didn’t touch our big deals!). All of your existing and new big deals include your new location ID.
    2. Deal Registrations (NBO, SSR, and Target) – these deals transitioned to a new prefix system:
      1. HP, Inc. – all HP, Inc. deals will be recognized by an H number
      2. Hewlett Packard Enterprise deals will be recognized with F at the beginning.

5. Reporting: One of the most common questions we have gotten before and after the operational split is “Are my numbers being reported properly?”

  • YES – SYNNEX was ready to go from Day 1 (Aug 1). With the new location IDs loaded in our system, reporting to HP, Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise went off without a hitch.

Lean on SYNNEX’s HP Business Development Team for all of your HP support!!!