2 Questions Every Education Focused VAR Should Ask


We all know information security is top of mind for decision makers in education. What most Superintendents/Provosts/IT Directors don’t realize is that printers may be the MOST vulnerable entry point into their network.

How do you as a trusted adviser help your customer understand the risks of an unsecured printer fleet?

SHOW YOUR CUSTOMER THIS ARTICLE: The widespread printer hack of top universities like Princeton demonstrates how easy it is for bad actors to find and exploit unsecured devices.


Then follow up with these 2 questions:


“How confident are you that this will not happen to your district?”


“What will happen to you and your district if it does?”

These 2 questions will allow your customer to confront the fact that print security is overlooked and may lead to serious consequences if left unresolved.

The good news is HP and SYNNEX have resources to help you develop a print security solution for K-12 and higher education customers.

Check out our recent blog post which links to a free print security webinar recording CLICK HERE

Contact the HP Business Development team at SYNNEX for more information: HPIPG@SYNNEX.COM



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